Daniel The Tiger

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This chair was painted with The Daniel the Tiger theme. I chose this theme because a high chair felt apporpriate for a childish fun theme. My chidren have always loved Daniel the Tiger, and I as a parent also love the show and all of the messages. I feel it is so important for parents to be conscious of what we allow and promote for our children to view, as everything they see and hear seeps into the subconscious thinking and will have an impact in their lives and how they see the world. PBS in general is an outstanding network that has the human mind/body/spirit always in the forefront of their purpose. 

Artist Bio

Hello! My name is Heather Schaefer, and when I am not spending time with my husband and two children, I am likely creating art! Art continues to grow as a passion in my life and has been in my soul since I can remember. I have been teaching art for 10 years, and I currently teach at Kimberly High School. I feel incredibly blessed to have landed there as I am able to share my passion for art, and have the honor to inspire young people to have a healthy creative outlet. I strive to help my students understand that art is an incredible, powerful, and beautiful way to communicate with the world around us. It is the native language among all humans on the planet. Art can share a sense of understanding, emotion, and energy to all that take in its beauty; art can make a statement- share truth, or make one think to their deepest core as the viewer or the artist. Art can also capture memories or moments in time. I hope to help my students use art as a way to connect to themselves and create art with a purpose. Being in nature often as a young child with my family is the first form of art that I began to appreciate. This fostered my desire to create art at a very young age. Creating art, and the feeling that comes with it has inspired me throughout my life to grow, learn, and reflect; which has directly impacted who I am and strive to be as well. Creating art is my way to connect to the world around me and allows me to experience a feeling like no other during the creation process. It brings me to a calm and spiritual state of mind, and brings me to BE the most present moment, which can be a challenge since the mind is always operating in the background. A significant amount of my art reflects my love for nature and the natural wonders of the world we live within. As we all know, the natural beauty of the world is not protected nearly as it should be; this includes land, animals, oceans, waterways, and our human species as well. Greed continues to take over in our world, and this results in massive manipulation, corruption, and destruction- all so carefully embedded into our society in ways we hardly even notice- unless we pay attention. Unfortunately many people are unaware of the depths of this, simply because the media outlets share with their viewers only the way corporate global entities want our views of the world to exist. The truth of the world lies far deeper than we’ll ever see on any television show or news station. We all have an infinite source of power and guidance within our inner selves to live a fulfilling and purposeful life; however it is up to us to bring ourselves to that level of consciousness and awareness. One of the simplest ways to do this is to pay attention to the present moment, fill your free time with activities that you enjoy and make you feel good. Avoid getting stuck in the superficial world of social media, the media in general, and comparing your life to others. Art has been a part of awakening me to these things as a catalyst for change, and has helped to open many doors that otherwise would have not existed. Many of my works that have been commissioned over the years are viewable on my website, along with other works of art that were created simply for the pure joy of it! www.heatherlynnschaefer.com


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