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Mother and Daughter Duo!   Mom came up with the design and prepped the table by stripping old paint and painting the new base so that the real artist in the family, Sara could create each cute jungle animal.  Together we make a great team!   We hope some Mom/Dad or Grandpa/Grandma will want this cute play station for their precious little ones to enjoy for years to come!

Artist Bio

Sara’s love and appreciation for art started at a very young age. Her childhood dream was to one day become a lion, but when she realized that wasn’t the most attainable goal she settled for drawing them instead. Graphite as a medium was her first love and she filled sketchbooks with animals, people, and landscapes. More recently she has enjoyed discovering all the unique possibilities different mediums have to offer. Her newest explorations include soft pastels. She appreciates the special nuances and techniques that come along with each individual medium.


Sue Pruss

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